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Kroll & Ziller GmbH + Co.KG is a well-established Market leader in the Rubber-Steel Gaskets market trough years of dedication to technological evolution and a commitment to customer friendly service.

K & Z is now in a leading position as a distributor for the whole portfolio of Gaskets including customized designs and special material.

The Kroll & Ziller Rubber – Steel flange gaskets and adjustable Wedge Rings are known to be the best gaskets, proven in use over many years in all areas of pipeline construction.

With over 60 years of experience in solving individual sealing problems, K & Z can provide you with the widest range of flange gaskets of exceptional operating reliability.

Several top Steel mills, power plants, petrochemical industries, pharmaceutical industries as well as numerous gas and water companies value the advantages of Kroll & Ziller sealing products.

K & Z also subscribes to the highest standards in environmental concern. All products are of the highest quality ensuring that our world and waters remain pure and safe.