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  • Camprofile Gaskets are most suitable for safe sealing of media under extreme operating conditions (temperature up to 550°C/ 1,022° F, pressure up to 400 bar/ 5,800 psi). They combine the characteristic properties of compressed non-asbestos fibre materials (e.good adjustment to the flange face surface) and metallic seals (high stability and bursting strength.
  • Under service conditions it is always guaranteed that the peaks of the Camprofile are covered with layers of a minimum .2 mm /  .01 inch. Flanges with surface finish Rz=160µm of flange type “B” and “C” acc. To DIN (similar to AARH up to 250 mils) can be sealed safely.  The flange faces will also show no material wear.
  • A small diffusion cross-section and a high tightness of the layer material cause very low leakage rates in order to fulfil the strong demands of regulations (e.g.”TA-Luft” = legal emission limits and “UVV” = regulations for accident prevention at work).
  • The selection of the appropriate gasket materials and the possibilities to vary the gasket shape makes this type of gaskets suitable to many media and operation conditions.